Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Installation Problem (Connectivity) of Dynamics Ax 2009 with Oracle 10g R2

Few days earlier I was involving a problem of connectivity of Dynamics Ax 2009 with Oracle 10g database during installation. After lots of fights we've managed finally to get started up and running Axapta 2009. Recently I noticed many people are facing same kind of problem like me. It is not a complex procedure but some tricks over there. I found some tricks those I am publishing.

1. After completing Oracle 10g installation ensure Oracle services (Listner, database, Oracle service and SQL Plus) are running under local services

2. Open SQL Plus for checking Oracle is running successfully or not. ( Common error basically came as “Insufficient Shared Memory”)

If not running Oracle Plus then please hold a moment and then try to run Oracle SQL Plus again. (Cause after installing Oracle takes some times to initialize/configure the Oracle Shared Memory)

“Setup could not connect to the Database Server “DataSource = ****; Integrated Security = Yes” is the common barrier during installation of Ax with Oracle 10g.
This bellow mentioned process might be helpful to some extend for smooth installation.

Add AOS user (administrator) into Oracle 10g Administrative Assistance area and add also the “Domain Admins” if not present there. Here the path....

Here the area where you have to add user

Note: Another problem may happen AOS is not starting for the first time after building all the index files. If you face then nothing to worry,  change the Dynamics Ax Server Service from NetworkService Account to Domain\Administrator Account and then start the service again and little while after service will show “Started”.

*** Apart form above procedure many procedures to be maintained during Oracle installation for Ax 2009. All the procedure are available in the Installation guide. Please read deeply the Installation guide of dynamics Ax with Oracle 10g (provided by Microsoft) before installing.  

***I think above procedure is to avoid obstruction of installation but I may be wrong or right to some extend. Please leave me your comment or any information or missing information regarding this topic



Mandrake said...

Hi Rajdip
I am trying to install Ax 2009 from one server with Windows Server 2008r2 with Oracle 11r2 client to use a Oracle 10.2 database to another server.
Oracle client connects to the server so connection is made. I have placed all users i think have to be in Oracle administration assistant, but i have a problem how to put there an account like domain\computer$ since i see domain user and no computers.
Any advice on this issue will be
Best Regards

RANA said...

Its very good post...One more thing to add here that after the above mension processes we need add domain\administrator to "external os user".