Friday, February 5, 2010

Adding new Finance Dimension in Axapta 2009

A wizard is available in Dynamics Ax 2009 for creating Finance Dimension. Its a very easy process. It is not a sequence of processes like 3.0. It is a wizard just write the Name & Label and then dimension creation has been completed. All internal processes are done by Axapta itself internally. Here some screenshots of creating a new dimension.

Fig 1: Path of Wizard

Fig 2: Input for Dimension
Place here Dimension Name, Dimension Caption.

Fig 3: Finish to complete Process

Note: Synchronize the database and restart the service after completing above procedure.
Finance Dimension up-gradation is depend upon license
Please do not try in Live application directly. Take a back up & implement in test environment at first.


Anitha said...


do we need any license to create a new financial dimension ??

Rajdip Das said...

Yes... we have to need lisence for upgrading finance dimension. Initialy Microsoft provides three dimensions but after addition of each dimension then it requires license.